Challenge: Try performing twists and turns without touching the ground!
Tip: Get a wide athletic stance, bend your knees more then you think, and keep your back straight.
The Pro Roller is placed parallel with the rails which allows you to rock the deck Rail-to-Rail. More challenging to learn but once mastered you can perform surf and snowboard like motions. Cross-step surf or grab a rail in a snowboard stance!
Challenge: Rocking the board rail-to-rail with out touching the ground! Cross-Step and hang five or ten!

Tip: Stagger your feet (toes and heel are touching the edge of the deck), and bend your knees.
Both rollers and the cushion give you a unconventional and fun way to increase your balance and overall core strength, therefore achieving maximum and accurate results.
Perform and practice countless tricks, exercises, and training techniques.

The Rolo Air Cushion is a universal balance cushion that provides an unstable surface to exercise on.
It’s extra large at 22″ long x 12″ wide and can inflate up to 10″ high! This custom size makes it the most versatile balance cushion on the market.
Use this cushion under any size surfboard or stand up paddle board without fins. Just place the cushion under your board and experience the instability encountered with surfing, SUP, and SUP Yoga.

Try using the Rolo Air Cushion under Stand Up Paddle Boards for an on land paddle experience. Placing the Rolo Air Cushion under a Stand Up Paddle Board simulates the unstable experience you get when your in the water on a SUP board. This allows you to enhance your balance and paddle stroke. Perfect for at home training and SUP shops to teach proper balance posture and paddle stroke before entering the water. Also simulates unstable Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board.

Use under: Rolo Board decks, Surf Boards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Snowboards, Skateboards, Kayaks, Wakeboards, Kneeboards and more!
Maple Wood Deck 33″ x 12″
Textured surface
Includes 2 rollers and the Rolo Air Cushion: Original 6.5”, Pro 3.5”, Cushion 22″x12
Rollers are made from extremely durable hard plastic